Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Are You Doing Here?

This is the was our last activity for the day. Was he saving the best for last? Not in my book. We were now going to zip line over the canyon where we had been rappelling and rock climbing. A campground also happens to be in the canyon which explains the swimming pool you will see in the following photos.

First a safety lecture.


First things first, Mr. Todd. I just want you to know that I don't do ferris wheels or the aerial trams that cross amusement parks. His response, "Then what the hell are you doing here?" Now that's a good question. Why am I here?

While I pondered his question he continued with our safety instructions. We would be going at a speed of approximately 30 miles an hour so it was important that we don't grab the cable. In fact he had a hand hold installed for no other purpose than to hold onto so we wouldn't be tempted to grab the cable.

Because of the set-up of this particular zip line, over a canyon and the drop in height, the real danger is hitting the oncoming canyon wall. He came up with a clever solution that keeps the speed at a reasonable level and allows the rider to stop before the canyon wall. See if you can figure out what his solution was.

I think we are ready.


Because I had made Dave rappel first I had to do the zip line first. Am I hanging on tight enough?


They say the first step is the hardest. Would I take that first step?


I did! Do you see his solution to the speed issue? Yes, it's a parachute. It seems crazy but it serves two purposes. It keeps the speed down at a reasonable level and keeps the rider facing forward. This way you will see the canyon wall before you hit it. No worries though. I stopped right where I was supposed to.

Dave's turn.


Off you go.



Does it look like we enjoyed the ride?



It was fun but it went so fast it was really hard to enjoy it. Plus being scared out of your wits doesn't help either.

Out of the three activities we did this was my least favorite and the hardest. This was the only activity where you had to step off the cliff facing forward and were aware of just how high you were. That first step off the cliff is hard.

After a morning of fun we were off to Las Vegas for a little sight seeing and a show.

to be continued....

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curlz said...

It looks like fun to me!

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