Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smooth Sailing

Day Four: Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009

Wednesday dawned bright and oh who I am trying to fool? It was cloudy and misty like most of the mornings of this trip. But it wasn't raining so for that we were thankful. Steve fixed us a breakfast of French toast which was made with some of his homemade bread. It was excellent. Steve likes to talk and told us a lot of stories but one thing he told us that morning is that we needed to go a few miles up the road to a lookout. He said it was one of the top ten views in the United States according to National Geographic. Well, something like that. I was too busy enjoying my French toast to pay much attention to what he was saying. But the top ten part caught everyone's attention so off we went to see for ourselves.

The overlook is accessed from Oldtown Road, the oldest colonial road in eastern Allegany County. In 1758 during the French and Indian War, Colonel Thomas Cresap, Maryland’s great pathfinder, blazed this road to improve and shorten the route between Fort Cumberland and Fort Frederick.

This doesn't look promising.

md, 9.09.09

It is believed that the name "Point Lookout" originated during the Civil War when Union troops stationed at neighboring Little Orleans were assigned to protect the C&O Canal and Railroad from Confederates intent on destroying the bridges and aqueducts along the Potomac River. Lookouts were established at Point Lookout and other nearby ridges from which Union troops could observe the canal, railroad and Confederate movements through the valley.

Despite the fog some were still determined to get a picture of one of the prettiest views in the United States.

chris, little orleans, 9.09.09

I was one of them.

Visitors to Point Lookout today can enjoy the same view that the Union troops had 140 years ago. From the overlook can be seen 243 acres of land that was once owned by George Washington.

point lookout, md, 9.09.09

We didn't see much that day but I would sure like to go back and try that view again.

We headed back to the lodge, packed the cars and got ready for this day's ride.

chris, john, dave, jack, little orleans lodge, md, 9.09.09

Today's ride held a pleasant surprise. For 22 miles the towpath would be paralleled by the Western Railroad Rail Trail. Twenty-two miles of smooth riding. No ruts, no tree roots and most importantly none of these:

the rock, towpath, 9.08.09

Pure bliss. This portion of today's ride would be in the morning when I wouldn't be riding. Cherry picking indeed, brother.

john, md, 9.09.09

chris, 9.09.09

While the boys were enjoying their fun Rosy and I made our way to that night's lodging. Our destination was a KOA in Williamsport. Now we knew better to think there wouldn't be some kind of surprise awaiting us. The question was whether it would be a pleasant surprise or an unpleasant surprise. I was hoping for the former.

We arrived and it sure looked like a pleasant surprise. It was nice. Really nice. We were renting a cabin of sorts. It was portable but looked like a cabin and most importantly was new. We had a small kitchen for cooking and a front porch. We went to the office and they had our reservation. Everything was working out that day. We decided to take a look at it and drop off one of the cars. We went in and that's when things started to go downhill. It still had that new smell and everything looked new and clean but there was one small problem. There were NO linens. None. No sheets. No towels. This could be a problem. We went back to the office and explained our dilemma. I have to say they went out of our way to help us. Somewhere they managed to find enough sheets for the beds and four towels. They even washed them for us. Thanks, KOA.

We made our way back to Big Pool to meet the guys.

Here they come!

chris & john, md, 9.09.09

chris, md, 9.09.09

After yesterday do you really think Dave should be in the back?

jack & dave, md, 9.09.09

He looks pretty good considering the wear and tear of yesterday.

dave, md, 9.09.09

It was time for lunch and some rest and relaxation.

to be continued......

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