Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DC or Bust

Day One: Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009

The Great Allegheny Passage officially starts in downtown Pittsburgh. There is a gap in the trail between there and McKeesport that is somewhat dangerous by bike so it seemed best to start the trip in McKeesport. If they ever figure out how to bridge that gap I guess we will just have to do the trip again. But for now McKeesport is the starting point.

As you can see the starting point isn't very pretty or impressive. I hope the end three hundred and some miles later is a bit better. I would hate to ride all of that way and end up in an empty parking lot. Time will tell.

mckeesport, pa, 9.6.09

The bikes were unracked, water bottles filled and snacks packed in bike bags. The guys were ready to ride!

mckeesport, pa, 9.06.09

Rosie and I gathered our things and drove to our destination for the night to drop off one of the cars. While we drove the guys started their long trip to DC. Their first stop of the day was West Newton, PA.


west newton, pa, 9.06.09

west newton, pa, 9.06.09

After a little sight seeing they continued on for a bit and then stopped for a snack. Snacks are important. I live for snack stops. Unfortunately I missed this one.

chris, jack, john, pa, 9.06.09

While the guys were sightseeing and snacking Rosie and I were headed to the Quiet House, our B & B for the night. We didn't know it at the time but these fact finding missions would turn out to be one of the most interesting parts of our day. We ended up being surprised every day. Some good surprises and some not so good surprises.

We had two goals for our drive to that night's lodging. One goal was to drop of a car so we could drive back and meet the guys for lunch. If possible I would then ride in the afternoon. The second goal was to see how far the B & B was from the trail and to ascertain if that route could be biked safely.

That day's surprise. No one was there. We called their number and no one answered. Mmmmm. What to do? If we don't leave a car I can't ride. Decision. Leave a message and explain the car in the driveway is ours. We then drove to Ohiopyle to see if the route could be safely biked. After eight twisty miles with very little shoulder we decided that we would have to rack the bikes at Ohiopyle and drive them to our lodging for the night.

It was on to Connellsville our lunch stop that day.


After some searching we found the trailhead and a Subway. Lunch was ready, we just needed the guys. After a short wait look who showed up. They're smiling so the morning ride must have went well.

john, chris, jack, 9.06.09

Four riders had left that morning and four riders arrived in Connellsville. It was a good beginning. Only 280 miles to go.

john, chris, dave, jack, 9.06.09

After lunch it was time to ride to Ohiopyle.

to be continued....

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Looks like you waited too long to give him those socks. Yikes!

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