Friday, September 4, 2009

Not One Nickel

We were headed to Las Vegas. Honestly it isn't one of my favorite places. Too hot. Too many people, It's just too busy for me. But it is convenient for getting to Zion so we found ourselves in Las Vegas on a Saturday night.

Dave had surprised me with tickets for a show that he had seen earlier in the year and had really liked. We had some time before the show so we walked around to take in the sights and people watch.



Hey, it's my friend Bobby. While standing there I told him how much we liked his Winner of a Chicken Dinner recipe: Chicken with a Honey-Tangerine Glaze. That recipe is a winner!


More walking and sight-seeing.


By this time I was getting hungry so we started to look for a place to eat. Look what we found, Sister! It's your friend Toby's restaurant.


Me and my friend Toby. I thought he would be taller but he was real nice just the same.


We did walk through a couple of casinos and found this couple having the time of their lives.


After the show we walked around for little bit and stopped and watched the show in front of Bellagio. The fountain is set to a song which plays every 15 minutes. It wasn't as good as the show I had just seen but it was fun to watch.


I just want you to know that we didn't gamble one single nickel. I can think of a lot of other things I would rather spend money on than gambling. Like shows for instance. Tune in tomorrow to see what show Dave took me to. I will give you one hint. The show featured music by the most famous band in the world. Any guesses?

to be continued...

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megawatt miler said...

i know

carriegel said...

Are they the most famous band in the world?

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