Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Porters Don't Quit

Rappelling, no problem. Rock climbing? Well, let's just say I didn't know we were rock climbing until that morning. I should have known something was up when they asked for our shoe sizes the day before this adventure. I didn't know why we would need special shoes for rappelling but what do I know. Maybe I should listen more closely when Dave is talking. Maybe.

But rock climbing it is.

In rappelling you back off the cliff so don't really see the height, not scary. In rock climbing you are looking for the next toe hold or hand hold which should be above you so you aren't looking down. Not scary. It did help that we were tied off so there is no way of falling. The rope will stop the fall if you should slip. In fact, that rope has another useful purpose which I would find out later.

There was no being nice and letting Dave go first, we would be climbing at the same time.

Off you go.

dave, utah, 8.09

dave, utah, 8.09

Looks like Dave has this rock climbing down. I hope I don't disappoint.

carrie, utah, 8.09

Look at us go! We look like mountain goats up there.

carrie & dave, utah, 8.09

Hey, Mr. Todd. If you are taking pictures just how tight are you holding my rope? I'm counting on you.

dave, utah, 8.09

Then we hit the wall so to speak. This one was tough. There weren't as many hand and toe holds. We had been given special shoes to wear that are extra grippy and for this climb they were essential.

Trust your shoes, Dave!

dave, utah, 8.09

dave, utah, 8.09

Despite a valiant attempt Dave didn't make it all the way to the top. Uh oh. This isn't looking good for me. I started strong.

carrie, utah, 8.09

There came a point that I actually used my knees. They were handy and it worked. I did get yelled at for that and lost style points but I didn't care. I had made it another three feet higher.

dave, utah, 8.09

I know you are all wondering if I made it to the top. I was approximately 8 feet from the top and just couldn't go any further. My arms and legs were tired. Plus I'm short, it is so much harder because the hand and toe holds are much harder for me to reach than the taller people. I told Todd that was far enough.

"Are you quitting?

Quitting? Am I quitting?

Am I?

No!! Porters don't quit.

I made it to the top. Not without scratched and scraped legs (using knees isn't really a good idea), but I made it to the top. I also think Todd was holding that rope a little tighter than usual such as maybe even pulling. He denies it but I have my suspicions.

Yes, rock climbing is hard. Physically hard. But the hardest part of rock climbing is coming down. You must let go, lean back and hop down the side of the cliff. In rappelling you lean back but you still have a rope to hang on to. But not with rock climbing. There is nothing to hold. Just lean back and trust the person on the ground to hold the rope. I found this really hard. I have to say by the last climb I was hopping down the cliff face like a pro and it ended up being the most fun activity of the day. Go figure. The hardest thing to do ended up being the most fun.

dave, utah, 8.09

carrie, utah, 8.09

Proof we made it to the top. Dave: 3 3/4 out of 4 climbs. Me: 4 out of 4. Well, you know, Porters don't quit.

dave, utah, 8.09

carrie, utah, 8.09

Rappelling. Fun. Rock climbing, Hard but fun. Zip lining? Well, we shall see.

to be continued....

2 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Jock said...

We use to climb Brockway Mountain with no ropes.

carriegel said...

i prefer climbing with ropes.

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