Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who Put Her In The Driver's Seat?

There are some advantages to living on a dirt road and one of them is driving. That is driving at an early age. We did when we were young. We had snowmobiles and a motorcycle. Things haven't changed all that much on dirt roads, just the names and toys. Katie has learned to drive a go kart and she was eager to show off her new skills.

Maybe I should have been worried when her dad asked her if she could reach the gas and the brake pedals. No that didn't worry me. What worried me was when I saw this on our ride together

coleman, mi, 5.09

and then she declared, "I'm not sure where we are". Luckily all of her paths are mown so it really wasn't that hard to find our way back.

Sarah was next. She looks quite happy to let her younger cousin drive her around doesn't she?

sarah & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

But her expression soon changed as they started to take off. Are you regretting your decision, Sarah?

sarah & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

We decided to wander over the field and watch. That is my baby in that go kart after all.

carla, marv & john, coleman, mi, 5.09

Here they come! She's still smiling and this time Katie didn't miss the turn she should have made when I was riding with her.

sarah & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

Now it's time for the fun part. Donuts! Be careful with my baby, Buttercup.

sarah & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

Shouldn't Marv be describing the intricacies of donuting to the driver and not the spectators?

marv, coleman, mi, 5.09

Well done, Katie.

sarah & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

The next victim, or should I say enthusiastic cousin, was John.

marv, john & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

marv, john & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

As Katie headed to the open field to show John how donuts are done we could hear her yell these words to John, "It might get a little scary now!". She wasn't kidding. From me to Sarah to John her speed had increased and her donut circumference had decreased. It is amazing what a little confidence can do to an eight-year-old's perceived driving ability.

john & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

john & katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

Of course she learned from the Master.

katie & marv, coleman, mi, 5.09

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A great way to end the weekend!

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