Monday, June 1, 2009

Throwdown Three - Vegetarian Style

At our last family get together it had been decided that our next Throwdown would have a vegetarian theme. Since Michael is the only vegetarian in this meat eating family he was in charge of the rules. Well, let's just say the rules while standing in the kitchen that day didn't end up to be the rules written in his blog a few days later. I listened but didn't read, or didn't remember that I had read. I was out because I used seafood but we still had plenty of cooks in the kitchen.

Here is Katie making her Macaroni and Cheese. Poor Katie, she had to share an oven and that was her demise. But don't feel too sorry for her because she was the winner in our last Throwdown.

katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

Vegetarian Nachos was my not that much younger sister's choice.

carla, coleman, mi, 5.09

John grilled up Portabella Burgers. He had trouble keeping them in one piece but they sure tasted good.

john, coleman, mi, 5.09

We had a newbie with Sarah. Her entry was Pesto Pizza. It was an interesting choice of ingredients.

ron & sarah, coleman, mi, 5.09

Brother had finally decided on Fake Sausage with Pasta. It looks like he is keeping an eye on his competition instead of tending to his own business. Maybe he should have kept a closer eye on her because it turned out to be an epic battle between the master and the newbie with stunning results.

chris, coleman, mi, 5.09

We seem to have a lot of cooks in the kitchen but some seem more content to watch and comment than do any actual cooking.

ron, coleman, mi, 5.09

But then there are others who are more than willing to find missing ingredients

marv, coleman, mi, 5.09

and lend a hand at the stove. It's like we have our own sous chef. Thanks, Marv!

marv, coleman, mi, 5.09

After a lot of measuring, grating, stirring and cooking dinner was served.

throwdown, coleman, mi, 5.09

Well, look who is first in line.

ron, coleman, mi, 5.09

Others soon followed.

john, coleman, mi, 5.09

michael, coleman, mi, 5.09

Someone is loving her Mac & Cheese entry. Remember, Katie, no voting for yourself.

katie, coleman, mi, 5.09

We even had a guest judge, Danna. She is even a vegetarian which was a bonus for us and for her. Remember we are a meat loving family and vegetarian dishes are usually in short supply at our gatherings.

danna,& michael, coleman, mi, 5.09

We decided to get fancy and upgraded from voting with spoons in cups to real ballots. Next time sister has demanded that everyone will have their entry choice in two weeks early so she can do the ballots up real pretty.

throwdown, coleman, 5.09

Because of a certain unnamed person Sister declared that she was going to hold the ballots and everyone would have to show a driver's license in order to vote. No 25-year-old photo ID's accepted. She relented under pressure but it still may be something we consider for the future. Be prepared, unnamed person.

Let the voting begin!

ron, coleman, mi, 5.09

And now it is time to count.

carla, coleman, mi, 5.09

There was no doubt in anyone's mind who the finalists were. It had come down to Vegetarian Sausage or Pesto Pizza. Everyone was torn between the two. Would it be a battle to the end or would there be a runaway winner? Brother anxiously waited for the verdict.

chris, coleman, mi, 5.09

Then he heard the words no Survivor wants to hear, "The tribe has spoken ...... and it's time for you to go". His fire had been extinguished and Sarah was the sole Survivor of Throwdown Three - Vegetarian Style.

sarah, coleman, mi, 5.09

Even though she had won in a landslide, truth be told it was much closer than the final vote tally had indicated. The tipping point for most was the fact that Sarah had taken various recipes and made one new recipe. Everyone agreed though that Brother had made the best vegetarian sausage ever tasted by this group of yahoos. Creativity had won out over skill.

Throwdown Four is in the works. Rice, I believe, is the theme. Subject to change of course. Shaelynn is in charge of the rules which will be posted on her blog at some future date. Good luck to everyone and meet you around the stove for Throwdown Four - Rice Rules.

5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

jporterGOP said...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Jock said...

I hired Al Franken's attorneys and demanding a recount. I bet I win this time.

megawatt miler said...

is she saying i lack skill?

carriegel said...

I think you may be reading things in there that aren't there, sister.

JP said...

WHEN IS THE NEXT THROWDOWN?! I must know... I can't believe I missed the creation of the ballot. =(

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