Friday, June 5, 2009

Say What?

Were you paying attention during our weekend of fun and frivolity? Did you really listen when people were speaking? Well, let's find out. Tell me who said what. I have no prizes but you will have bragging rights until the next game of "Say What?". Here we go.

1. "I was talking and I lost my focus."

2. "I don't really care about the rules."

3. In honor of the Veggie Throwdown I just put my steak on the grill."

4. "Can I have an ice cream bar? My throat is starting to hurt." Bonus points if you can identity the person who responded with
this, "Yes, for medical reasons."

5. "I regret the day I ever played the coronet."

6. "There are a lot of cooks and no one in the kitchen."

7. "Everyone's always got an extra one in them." This quickly morphed into "Everyone's always got an extra mile in them.", but
the first quote is the original.

8. "He's got a false sense of confidence with the beer."

9. "Pretty good hat if it wasn't for that."

Well, were you listening? Or were you like most Porters and just talking? Answers to follow tomorrow.

3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

curlz said...

Okay, I'll go first:
1. Katie (but you had to be there. Brother wasn't)
2. Michael
3. Dave (lucky duck)
4. Katie (her dad's crazy and his medical license has since been revoked)
5. Mom
6. Carla (I wrote it on FB first)
7. Shae
8. Dad

DirtRoad Charlie said...

O.K Lets get this straight.My throat hearted so dad got star bars.(which is a icecream that is dipped in choclate.)So I ate it

curlz said...

Oops I numbered wrong. I'm not aware that mom played the coronet (it was Marv), but then most of you don't know your dad or grandpa was AWOL for about a month when he was a paratrooper. Apparently he had been misplaced.

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