Friday, June 19, 2009

Which Is Harder?

Which is harder? Me trying to figure out this whole Apple thing or Dave attempting to ski? I think learning this Apple. I have made the switch. I have the Mac version of Photoshop and my printer is now hooked up to this computer. It has been a slow process. Things are set up a little differently so I have spent some time searching for buttons. It saves my pictures differently so that has slooooowed me down. Let's just say spinning circles aren't good. The good thing is I now have these really cool actions to run on my photos. My pictures will probably look a little wonky until I figure out the actions I like and when to use them. Look for a coming blog with some examples of what my little actions can do. Anyway I think I finally have it all figured out and am ready to get to Dave's ski adventure.

Before fun chores have to be done and this day was no exception. The grass needed cutting and Dave was up to the job.

dave, mi, 6.09

Sarah volunteered to be the photographer so after this photo was taken I ran my camera down to her on the boat. The rest of the photos are hers. She did a pretty good job.

dave & sarah, mi, 6.09

I think he is ready.

dave, mi, 6.09

Will he get up or won't he?

dave, mi, 6.09

He did! On the first attempt. It must be like riding a bike because he made it look easy.

dave, mi, 6.09

He even crossed over! Go, Dave, go.

dave, mi, 6.09

Is he looking a little tired to you too?

dave, mi, 6.09

He came in for a soft landing. He may be half a century old but the old guy still has it.

dave, mi, 6.09

Meggie was there to greet and congratulate the old guy. Good boy, Dave.

meggie, mi, 6.09

3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

dianagirly said...

Those are great pictures! Good luck with the Apple, lol!!
And thanks so much for your comment on my blog as part of the SAS blog hop! Good luck to you!

megawatt miler said...

i got a great pictures comment-alright!

although im sure there were a lot of really bad ones too.

Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Fantastic pictures, looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by Scrap Attack Scrapbooking for our {SAS}sy Blog Hop! We hope you enjoyed yourself and found a little inspiration along the way! Good luck on the drawing for prizes!

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