Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Weekend In Review

I bet you didn't even know I was gone this weekend but I was. And the reason for our little trip this weekend was this:


Sarah's high school had made it to the district finals for football and since we hadn't been over to Monroe to see a game this year we decided we should make the trip this weekend. I believe in eight years of following this team we only missed one game. We went to every one of those with our friends, George and Kathy, who also never missed a game. The year we started attending their games they won one game that season. A few years later we saw them play in the finals at Ford Field. It was quite a ride with this team. This year was supposed to be a rebuilding year. At least eight of the starters on the offensive line are sophomores. The next couple of years should be fun but this wasn't supposed to be one of them. They have turned out to be overachievers and found themselves playing for the district title Friday night. It rained most of the way over to Monroe but had cleared by game time. We led the whole game with Bishop Foley right at our heels. With 1:35 left in the game Bishop Foley scored and was one point behind. Do they kick the extra point for the tie or go for two? They went for two and scored. It was now 29 - 29, Bishop Foley. Central had the ball around midfield and it was fourth and eight. The quarterback threw a little sreen pass (which they had practiced for a month) to the receiver who had hurt his leg a couple plays before and was still limping. He ran down the sideline for 65 yards and with 41 seconds left, scored! Talk about exciting. The score stood and we won.

The excitement wasn't over for the weekend. On Saturday the girls were playing in the district volleyball finals. So we drove to Blissfield to watch the game. The first match they were down 10 points but somehow rallied and won. They went on to win the next two and won the district title.

I listened to the Michigan game on the radio, saw part of Penn State, saw the ND game (what happened?) and followed the Lion's game on the game blog. I am just going to share one quote from the writer of the game blog which I found quite funny.

For the longest, I've been the one person rebuking the idea of a 0-16 season. Just like the marketing campaign at the beginning of this season, I'm starting to believe in now. Kirkland Crawford, Detroit Free Press. I hear you, brother.

From there it was back to Butler but not without one more stop. D wanted to know if it was ok if we stopped at the beer barn on the way home. Yes, in PA beer must be bought at a beer barn, and liquer and wine at a liquer store.


He seemed a little too excited about a trip to the beer barn until the truth came out. It seems the girl who works there likes to wear skimpy shirts and short shorts. What a disappointment when she wasn't the one working this weekend. She asked at least three times if we wanted cold beer from the refrig. instead of the warm beer off the floor. D says it is a dollar more for cold beer, hence the multiple questions. Considering we weren't going to be drinking this beer right away and the building isn't heated and it was cold inside, she didn't get the extra dollar.

"Welcome back to PA, people."


3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Peej said...

That would be Hereford. Thank you 4-H

curlz said...

A little pioneer woman moment there?

Jock said...

0-16 is a very real possibility but I think they will finish 1-15. They play Minn at home and they can beat them.

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