Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm Leaving Again

Yup, I'm hitting the road again. Tuesday we leave for Syracuse for a sales call and start the drive to New York City. We bought a tour and voucher credits for lodging at Catholic Central's auction last year and are finally getting around to using them. We arrive on Wednesday hopefully with some time to walk around before a show Wed night. We are seeing Phantom of the Opera. We have our personal tour Thursday morning, we are going to Ellis Island in the afternoon and then seeing Mama Mia in the evening. Friday on to Philly to meet up with Sarah and Cory. Saturday is the ND/Navy game and Sunday back home. It should be fun.

I got behind posting my layouts for my scrapbooking class so here are the layouts from last week. It was all about space. White space to be exact. Not every space on the page needs to be filled with something. Empty space can be a good thing. Here are my interpretations of the sketches she assigned.

bps, week 5



I am going to write up a couple of posts and if I get a chance while I am gone will post them. Otherwise, I will be back in a week.

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Peej said...

I really like that baseball/softball one. In fact, I like all of them.

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