Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving, Part Two

For most families Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. I'm not saying we didn't enjoy dinner but the real reason this family gets together is this:

thanksgiving, 11.08

Yup, it's all about the cards with this family. The game of choice is Hearts. It is a game where the first person to reach 100 points loses. The person who is sitting with the least amount of points is then declared the winner.

The two sister-in-laws sat out the game, plus the respective dog cousins, but the family overwhelmingly agreed that Cory would not be granted that same privilege. Poor guy, little did he know what he was in for.

cory, thanksgiving, 11.08

The first game was played without incident with the winner being none other than Bob.

katie & bob, thanksgiving, 11.08

Everyone was enjoying the second game.

dave & danny, thanksgivng, 11.08

thanksgiving, 11.08

Even D was enjoying a beer, though it looks like he could use a little help opening it.

dave, thanksgiving, 11.08

Then things turned nasty. A person who shall stay unnamed was sitting pretty with the least amount of points.

sarah, thanksgiving, mi, 1.08

Poor, poor Cory is sitting at 99 points. Yes, he only needs one more point and the game is over. He must play this next hand very carefully.

cory & dave, thanksgiving, 11.08

An unnamed person is also playing her hand very carefully. If Cory goes over 100 and she stays in her position with the lowest score she wins.

sarah, thanksgiving, 11.08

I am sitting and watching. I start yammering away about something which for some reason has everyone's attention. We are in a spirited discussion so people are half paying attention to the game and half listening and talking. Bad move. The distraction was enough for this unnamed person to shoot the moon. For my side of the family that means she took all the points. She now has two choices. She can add 26 points to everyone's score which puts Cory over 100 and her winning the game or she can subtract 26 points from her score which means Cory lives to play another hand. What shall she do? Let's just say Cory has set a new family record. He is the first person to go out of the game with 125 points which is also the most points one could possibly score.

This unnamed person with ice running in her veins won the game. When it comes to cards in this family there is no mercy.

sarah, thanksgiving, 11.08

There is still time to run, Cory.

4 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Peej said...

hahaha. i would have done the same thing!

megawatt miler said...

I need to make a correction here. I didn NOT have the least number of points going into that hand. I was down by at least 20. The only reason I shot the moon and added was that I knew that was my only chance to win. If I had been winning in the first place I wouldn't have even tried.

curlz said...

All is fair in love and ... hearts? Welcome to the Gelwicks family. Unfortunately, the Porters would treat him no better.

megawatt miler said...


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