Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Notre Dame, Part Two

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nd vs navy, 11.08

I really like it when we play the academies. They are so civilized. No yelling, cursing, or getting hit. Yes, all of that has happened to me on other campuses. Coming in a close second has to be Happy Valley. Other than having to listen to that lion roar for the whole game, I really enjoyed being at Penn State. It is so civalized that when the midshipmen were introduced, everyone cheered. After all, how can you boo military men?

I especially like games when this happens. Score!

nd vs navy, 11.08

As we were sitting there watching the game, we were also keeping an eye on the weather.

nd vs navy, 11.08

Especially when the guy behind us said that he was talking to his friend on his phone and he told him there were tornado warnings in DC and we had about 15 minutes before that front got to where we were. Unfortunately he was right. It started out as a light rain which wasn't so bad.

nd vs navy, 11.08

Remember when I said that there was no way one could boo a Midshipman? I was wrong. If they decide to call a timeout when the rain is coming down in buckets then that is an appropriate time to boo. The game suddenly became less civilized and suprisingly a lot less crowded in the stands.

nd vs navy, 11.08

The game was going along just fine until the last five minutes and then:

Notre Dame appeared to be coasting with five minutes left as Coach Charlie Weis cleared his bench. The Irish were suddenly and inexplicably overcome by a wave of turnovers, special teams breakdowns, defensive lapses, coaching gaffes and wrongheaded calls by the referees that nearly cost them the victory.

The game ended up a lot closer than it needed to be. But the Irish prevailed and won 27 - 21. Thanks, guys. I didn't sit through that monsoon to watch you lose.

In other sports related news, St Mary Catholic Central's football team found themselves with another surprising win. These undersized sophomores have gone farther than any thought possible. They find themselves in the semifinals Saturday against Leslie. Go Falcons!

On Tuesday, St Mary Catholic Central's volleyball team found themselves with another win. Like the football team this was supposed to be a rebuilding year for them. They move on to the semifinals Thursday night. Go Kestrals!

The Lions. What can I say? Overachieving is not a word that can or will be applied to them. Here is a post I found on a message board that made me smile.

I bet the best of the college players are having terrible nightmares of being drafted by this franchise and have thoughts of making some bad plays just to stay off the radar!

On the other hand, there's a lot of terrible players who are being told to give up the dream of going into the NFL.

"But coach, there's always the Lions!"

"... I'll arrange a scout for you next week.

I would say Go Lions!, but that would be pointless wouldn't it?

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megawatt miler said...

i remember those clouds...

Jock said...

I remember those Lions.

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