Sunday, November 2, 2008

And They Call This Fun?

It was exactly a week ago today that I attended my first bridal expo. Whoa. Let's just say when I was engaged I did nothing like this. I do remember shopping for a dress. I may have tried on three dresses at the most. I bought the first one I tried on. It fit and I liked it. I was happy.

From what I could gather it is all about the freebies.

bridal expo, 10.08

What did you say, Sarah?

bridal expo, 10.08

I saw people walking around eating everything they came across. They were treating it like a buffet. I ate one biscotti. Get a grip, people, you will see another meal. Not only that it didn't look most of them had missed many meals to begin with. I'm just saying.

There was a bridal show. I can say that Sarah and I don't really agree on much. I didn't see anything that I would wear. This could be a long year and a half.

bridal expo, 10.08

Though we had minor differences of opinion and what constituted a pretty bridal gown we have major differences over these.

bridal expo, 10.08

What is wrong with just a chair looking like a chair?

Did I mention there were lots of free items to be had and drawings to enter?

bridal expo, 10.08

And lest you think that we were consumed with all things weddings, Sarah spent a portion of her time doing this.

bridal expo, 10.08

Yes, she was checking on her fantasy football team every few minutes. I don't think it was going well for her that day either.

Despite my whining we did meet a couple of vendors that looked promising. I still say, though, this could be a long year and a half.

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megawatt miler said...

stop whining-we have a long way to go!

i dont have a problem with some chairs but others are just ugly and need to be covered.

Shae W said...

Oh, goodness. I attended exactly one bridal expo and then decided that craziness wasn't for me.

Chair covers are good when the actual decor of the room the reception is may not actually match the wedding colors (like the place where my reception is). Plus, they made everything look really clean and streamlined.

Shae W said...

Oops, that should've said "Chair covers are good when the actual decor of the room the reception is IN may not actually match..."

Shae W said...

... and my reception was...

okay, it's too early. going back to bed now.

curlz said...

I didn't attend any bridal expos! Pace yourself, sister! And I love a chair cover, although not that fluffy bow.

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