Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Review

What a busy weekend. It started Thursday night when our friend Amy flew in from St. Louis to join her husband Dave (he had flown in earlier in the week). We picked her up at the airport and then went to dinner in Pittsburgh. We ate at a restaurant perched on a hill overlooking the city. It was kind of overcast so the views weren't the best but dinner was excellent. We spent the next couple of days shopping, watching hockey (the Penguins and Red Wings both won), got the mini Mini out (we bought that car from Dave and Amy), and in general just hanging out. I even showed Amy how to make an apple pie. She said she was going to go home and try it all by herself. I am anxious to hear how she does!

Of course, we ate. It was dinner at our house Friday night and dinner at Grays on Saturday night. Rob's dinner was excellent and I have to say the ribs we cooked weren't too bad. We liked this version with Emeril's rub and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. We will definately be doing that one again.


Amy and I also introduced Janet to the world of Youtube. I still don't think she gets the attraction it holds for Amy and I.


Do you know what this is a picture of?


You would be right if you said it is THE future winner of the Key Lime Pie bakeoff. Congratulations to you for being so astute.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there that are reading my blog. I believe there is only one person who reads my blog who fits that description, so Happy Mother's Day to you, sister. And thank you to my blue-eyed girl who made this day possible for me. Don't tell Jo but you are my number one girl.


I will leave you with a short, funny video clip I found while wondering around the internet this afternoon. Haven't we all wanted to do that very same thing at one time or another?

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curlz said...

I can honestly say I've never had the urge. Can mother's day get any better -- the season final of Survivor. May I watch it in peace!

curlz said...

finale -- it's like final only with an "e". Basically understand this, it's over tonight. At least for Micronesia. Can you tell I'm pumped?!

Peej said...

mmm sweet baby ray's

Jock said...

When are you going to buy a real grill? Stop using the damn gas thing.

megawatt miler said...

internet is back!

those look good-you definitely need to make them for me!

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