Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Is ....... American Idol!

Jason is gone and I can't say I am that sorry, but as someone else said he brought an exciting randomness to the show which will be missed. The final three, though good, are predictable which takes some of the excitement out of the show. Jason had trouble learning two songs so I really wonder how he would have done having to learn three.

Well, people, we are down to the final three. A high school student, an actress, and a bartender as Ryan reminds us in the opening segment. Who will do well tonight and who will be asking their friends and family to dial their phones in a frantic attempt to save themselves from being voted off?

This is American Idol! Ryan tells us this is it and it is the closest race the show has ever seen. Tonight's songs will be chosen by the judges, the contestant, and a producer. It's the producer's choices that could be the most interesting. Do they know the singers well enough to choose a song that will highlight their strengths?

David Archuleta

1. Paula's choice, "And So It Goes" by Billy Joel
Paula says she chose this song to showcase his beautiful vocals. David says he is excited and it is a really pretty song. Uh oh, he's closing his eyes. Didn't Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber tell him not to do that? Old habits are hard to break I guess. Randy thought it was a dope song (I think he is confusing him with Jason) and that he is in it to win it. Paula thought it was a pure and stunning performance. Simon thought it was very good but it had no surprises and was a bit predictable. I have to agree with Simon. Everything he sings sounds the same.

2. David's choice, "With You" by Chris Brown
David says it wasn't an easy song to learn. I'm not liking it. He looks so awkward up on that stage. This song doesn't suit him at all. I know I keep saying I am tired of the message ballad he always seems to do but I see now why he sings that type of song. He can't do anything else. I don't think the judges are going to like this either. Randy applauds him for trying something new and young but he isn't sure it was the right song. Paula says he needs to shorten the phrases but he did a great job. Simon says he looks like he is a chihuahua trying to be a tiger, it really isn't him. I agree. He appeals to young girls and old women and I am neither one, I didn't like it.

3. Producer's choice, "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg
He's not moving around the stage so that's good. I think he is over singing this song. This should be a simple, sweet song and he has turned it into an intense ballad. I don't like this performance either. Randy thinks he is in the zone and hot. Paula said it was a lovely performance. Simon said he sang it well but it was a horrible, gooey song but it should be good enough to get him in the finals.

Syesha Mercado

1. Randy's choice, "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys
Randy said he chose it because he had a feeling that Syesha loves Alicia as much as he does. It's not my kind of music but I suppose she sang it well. Randy thinks she did an amazing job and she is peaking at the right time. Paula is very proud of her (I wondered when she would say that tonight) and she looks stunning. She is right about that. Simon thought she sang it very well but he wished she had changed it up more. And he also think she looks gorgeous.

2. Syesha's choice, "Fever" by Peggy Lee
She is going to use a chair because it is a fun song. Cute dress. I can see her performing on a stage. I thought it was very good. Randy thinks it was an interesting song choice and a great performance. Paula is surprised with her song choice and that the song doesn't show her as an artist. Simon says she may end up regretting that decision and that it was a lame cabaret performance.

3. Producer's choice, Hit Me Up" from the movie "Happy Feet"
I thought it was just OK. Randy agrees with me. Paula thought she did very well but it might not be good enough for the finals. Simon thinks it's better tham the second song. It was fun and young but it wasn't a defining moment to end the show.

David Cook

1. Simon's choice, "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack
Simon says it is one of the greatest songs of all time and that it is a very, very, very, difficult song to sing. He hopes he does something different with the song. I love it but did he change it up enough to suit Simon. Randy says he can sing anything but he didn't like the song choice. Simon and Randy start bickering over who chose the best song. Paula says it is about you (David) not the judges. Am I hallucinating? Has Jason invaded my soul? Paula makes sense!! I feel faint. Simon finally declares it is the best performance to date and that round one goes to Cook and Cowell.

2. David's choice, "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot.
David says this song wraps up his whole experience. An appropriate song for the appropriate moment. I don't know the original but I like it. One thing I do know is the songs are too short. I would rather they went to two songs so they could sing the song longer. Are you listening, AI? Randy thought it was a good song choice but a little pitchy. Paula wanted more, there was a beginning and then it was at the end. I think that's what I said. Simon thought all three had an OK middle round.

3. Producer's choice, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith
Paula is on her feet. I guess we know how she feels about it. I like it too. Randy loved the song choice but thought it was OK and a bit predictable. Paula says she will see him in the finals. Simon thinks it is one of the great songs of all time and that David Cook wins the night.

Ryan reminds us that they need our support like never before. It is obvious that the judges think the Davids won the night. I'm not so sure. A lot depends on where Jason's votes go. If I am going to go strictly by the performances, I would say that David A. may be packing his bags tomorrow night. Poor guy, his dad isn't going to be happy with him. So there you have it. Who do you think won the night and who do you think will be going home tomorrow night?

My performer of the night is David Cook. The real question is which song? I'm going to go crazy tonight and post my favorite TWO performances of the night. I like "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" best but I have a feeling that the younger generation will enjoy the Aerosmith song more. Take it away, David!

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Shae W said...

I thought last night was, as a whole, rather disappointing. What happened to this being the Top 3?? They're better than the show they put on.

curlz said...

First things first. I was so excited when you sent your e-mail with the song Simon chose for David Cook. I knew it was gonna be good, no, great. Not disappointed with that specific one, other than that, I agree with ShaeLW.

carriegel said...

i read other blogs where they were questioning simon's song choice for david c. i thought it was brilliant. it really showcased his voice.

david a has been a disappointment. he can sing, in fact he is a very good singer. he just isn't a performer. i think you need to be both to make it in that industry.

megawatt miler said...

im ready for david a to go too

please tape b/c i will be on a plane!

curlz said...

So Fantasia just performed. Did you see Simon's face. If he'd of had to comment, he would've said "too screechy". BTW -- what was that?!

carriegel said...

i was writing your email while she was singing. it was screechy and i was only half listening.

hoping david a was going. oh well.

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