Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just An Ordinary Weekend

This was the first weekend I had been home in a month and it was really nice. We didn't do much but then again maybe that was the point. Dave had to go to Pittsburgh today and finish up his booth for the AISTech 2008. Would you believe it is the largest annual steel technology conference and exposition in the world? Who knew? Anyway, he will be busy with that this week. His brother is traveling through Pittsburgh on Tuesday and they plan on going to the Pirates game Tuesday night. Then our friends from St. Louis will be here for the weekend. We have a busy week coming up.

Here's the update on my robin family:


As you can see it is empty. I don't think she picked a very good spot to build her nest this year. Every time I checked there was one less egg. So sad. I was looking forward to watching the babies again this year. Last year a robin built a nest on our electrical box right outside of my laundry room window. Now she knew what she was doing. All of her babies lived long enough to fly away.


We have been trying to convince Jo that D's lap is as good as mine. She will sit in his lap, with coaxing, if my lap isn't available. But this is what she does the entire time she is sitting there. I have two eyes watching every move I make. I keep telling her he is the one who buys the chow but so far she isn't impressed. Her eyes were on me but D's eyes were on the Penguins game. They won and move on in the playoffs. Don't worry we are still Wings fans.


Now if D is outside she will gladly go out in the yard with him. In fact, her favorite place to be is outside. You will never hear any complaints from her about that. She will stay outside as long as she can. She is even happy to sit in the garage while D is working in there. I guess she figures she is one door closer to freedom.


I will be posting my song sequel tomorrow. I know you can hardly wait for that post!

5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Jock said...

Go Wings!!!! They just might do it this year, they sure looked good in the last round.

carriegel said...

Yes, they did. I caught part of the last game against Colorado. Every time I looked up they had scored again. I'm rooting for them to win it all.

megawatt miler said...

is she still behaving?

by the way, i just made it home. im exhausted so im trying to make it to bed soon...

Jock said...

The last game was to late for me to stay up and watch. When I went to bed after the 2nd period the Wings were up 6-1 and I figured they had things under control by that point. They didn't need me anymore.

carriegel said...

i went to bed after the second period thinking the same thing.

next game is thursday night against dallas.

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