Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Week In Review

I can't believe it is Sunday already. Where does the time go? D flew to California last week and left for Atlanta very early this morning (Sunday). He flies back home tomorrow and leaves for Chicago Tuesday. Not sure when he is coming back from there.

I caught the weather report Friday, the weatherman said that since the first of the month we have had ONE day of sunshine. As of tonight, we still have had only one day of sunshine this month. Our backyard is a swamp. Needless to say, I am getting a little tired of the rain.

We decided to finish our upstairs bathroom. We are known for not finishing projects until we move on to the next house. For once we are going to finish all the projects early so we get to enjoy them. Here is a picture of what our bathroom looks like as of now. The contracter has found all of the plumbing in the walls, ran a switch for the new fan, and has the cement board down for the tile. All of our walls and ceilings are filled with solid styrofoam which he said was not easy to drill through for the new fan. Better him than us is all I can say about that. He comes back Tuesday to install the travertine.


I was out wandering through the little woods behind our house and found this blooming.

violet, 5.08

Notice the raindrops. I wasn't kidding about the rain, dear readers.

And look what else I found when I was out back. To tell the truth that is the real reason I am out there. The flowers are pretty but it is golf balls that I am really looking for. Now I know I have some golfers out there, so if you need golf balls let me know. I have quite a few that I am more than willing to give away. I need to know by next week before I leave for St. Joe. Otherwise you will have to wait for my next visit and who knows when that will be.


2 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Shae W said...

Ooh! My husband would LOVE some of those golf balls!

carriegel said...

ask and you shall receive

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