Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Finally Had a Snow Day!!

It is almost the middle of January and we finally had our first day of real snow. We woke up this morning to this.


Of course that means we spent our morning doing this.


Now in my world the rule of straight lines applies not only in lawn mowing and farming but also to the art of shoveling snow. Edges should be as neat and clean as possible. Otherwise why bother?

Can you tell which section of driveway D shoveled and which section I shoveled?



Shoveling is an art. You either understand that or you don't. You would have thought after 26 years of marriage some of my compulsiveness would have rubbed off on him.

Naturally this shoveling was accompanied by much crying and carrying on. If you think I am referrring to D you would be wrong. The one in such distress has four feet and rides low to the ground. Yes, as we shoveled we had the pleasure of listening to Jo howl and carry on from the inside of the house. Eventually we decided it would be better for all of us if we brought her outside. The only rule: she must wear her coat. Now you know the previous two times I have tried get her to wear her coat hadn't worked out so well. She sat and refused to move. Would this time be different? Had she made peace with her coat? Two things were in my favor. One, there was a lot of fresh snow and Jo loves to run through the snow. Two, for the first time we were going to let her off of her leash. Would that be enough to convince her to actually move while wearing her coat?



She thought about it and then this happened.


Coat? What coat? I'm free and there's a lot of new snow to run around in.


She had made peace with her coat and spent the next hour running around like a fool. "Jo, come here!"


Jo? "Sorry, but I'm too busy running to stop and talk."


Wow, all of that running can wear a dog out.


She finally had time to stop and chat.


But most of her time was spent running from one end of the driveway to the other. She was a blur as she ran by me time after time. I think she enjoyed her morning outside and I think she has resolved her issues with her coat.


5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

curlz said...

She figures the price to play in the snow is worth it. She's also secretly hoping you forget about that coat.

jporterGOP said...

Hank loves to run around in the snow too.

megawatt miler said...

she looks like she had fun!

did she come when she was called?

carriegel said...

she came and then just continued to run on by as evidenced by the picture of her and your dad.

she had fun, no doubt about that.

Jock said...

You can have all the damn snow you want I just want it gone from here.

I think I need to move somewhere warm.

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