Monday, January 5, 2009

As My Not That Much Younger Sister

was baking cookies, D and I were burning all of those calories off. We decided to go hiking at the state park which is a couple of miles away from us. The trail we hiked on is over 2000 miles long. I believe it isn't all connected yet but they are working on it. It starts in New York, heads to PA, Ohio, through Michigan by way of the UP, a bit of Wisconsin and ends in Minnesota. When it is finished it will be longer than the Allegheny Trail. Luckily we were only hiking a small portion of it.


The temperature was in the thirties and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. Perfect.


This portion of the hike involves hiking over a ridge and back down to Lake Arthur. Of course, to get back to the car means hiking back over that same ridge. The legs get a workout with this hike.


We plan on exploring other parts of this trail this year. There is another trail near here that wanders near a stream and waterfalls which we will be doing sometime this year also. We plan on doing more hiking and biking this year than we did last year. It should be fun.

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Peej said...

My scenery for walks usually includes academic buildings!

Jock said...

Jr. may not remember but we have walked the north country trial in the UP. I have hiked in 4 or 5 different places of the north country trial up there. Our cabin used to be located 1-2 miles from it.

I didn't realize it went that far south though.

Peej said...

I do remember, actually.

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