Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow, That Wasn't Easy

As many of you know last weekend many of the family met in St. Joe for a tour of the plant where Sarah works. This was the first time the plant has been opened up for visitors since 9-11 so this was a really big deal. We thought this would be a lot of fun and it was but who knew how stressful it would turn out to be? Poor Sarah. We should have paid closer attention to the sign we saw as we drove into the plant.

st. joe, mi, 5.09

As we drove up to the first gate everyone proceeded to get their picture ID's, driver's license, out for the guard. Well, that is all but one. As the guard patiently waited one person who shall not be named fumbled through his wallet looking for that elusive driver's license. John kept saying, "I told him he needed his driver's license but he isn't going to find it because he doesn't like the picture on it." Say what? Does he know he isn't getting in without it? Finally the guard said to Sarah who was driving that it just needed to be an ID with a picture on it. When he heard that he promptly pulled out his picture ID from Dow. As the guard walked away with the ID's to check them against the approved list of visitors our car burst into laughter. Even the security guard was laughing. Who carries around a twenty-year-old ID and uses it?

Wow, that wasn't easy.

Next we checked in again and were issued security badges and hard hats. We also had to attend a short safety meeting. At the conclusion of our lecture on safety this unnamed person declared, "I only heard about one word of what he was saying." The fun has only begun for Sarah.

Wow, that wasn't easy.

We then moved to another building with more security. They don't make it easy to get into this place. First we all had to go through a bomb detector. I was behind this unnamed person and I know I told him the unit would be blowing a burst of air at him when he was standing in it. He must not of heard me because he jumped a mile when the air hit him. Ha. Next the metal detector. That didn't turn out to be easy either. "What do you mean I have to take my boots off?"

john, ron, dave, st. joe, 5.09

Wow, that wasn't easy.

The guard standing to the right on this unnamed person is the same person who checked ID's when we drove in. We told him the driver's license story and not wanting to show his picture on the license. He considered asking him for his driver's license just for fun.

One more check point to check off names of who was actually on site and we were in.

Wow, that wasn't easy.

Our first stop was the brain center of the whole plant. That would be Sarah's cubicle.

sarah, ron, dave, st. joe, 5.09

We finally learned what her official title is. Thermodynamicist. Who knew?

st. joe, 5.09

I don't know what this is all about but I am sure it is important.

st. joe, 5.09

I'm not sure what these are (switches?) but she is very proud of them.

st. joe, 5.09

She does all of her highlighting in pink. She likes pink and the guys don't. You do what you can to show that girls rule.

st. joe, 5.09

Here are a couple of the other yahoos on this little adventure. Poor Sarah what has she gotten herself into with this little plant tour?

dave, st. joe, 5.09

john, st. joe, 5.09

Notice the badge on John's shirt. Not only does it hang from a lanyard it also must be clipped to your shirt. It must have two points of attachment. If one breaks the other will still keep the badge attached. Wow, they are serious about safety in this plant.

And of course, how can I forget this person who shall go unnamed?

ron, st. joe, 5.09

After inspecting command central we decided to head to the cafeteria to get a little something to eat before we headed into the plant. Look at the view. Who wouldn't want to eat here with a view like that?

st. joe, 5.09

Next, the plant tour. She is smiling now but just wait. The fun has only begun.

sarah, st. joe, 5.09

We have managed to get through security, tour her office and had an hot dog or two. All I can say about that is....

Wow, that wasn't easy.

to be continued.....

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jporterGOP said...

Loving this post. I don't think any part of this trip was 'easy'. Enjoyable nonetheless. Some of those pictures really turned out!


My guess for golf balls is 72.

carriegel said...

I am going to do you a favor and give you another guess. My guess is I have already collected that many so far. I average at least one a day. at least, could be more.

jporterGOP said...

Haha fair enough. Let's go with 219.

carriegel said...

that's better. i have already surpassed your first guess.

curlz said...

Oh how I know your pain! This post is too funny. I just hope we all continue to see the humor as time goes on.

carriegel said...

Laugh with him, laugh at him you can't deny that man is funny.

JP said...

I love that man. This post was epic.

carriegel said...

And think our tour was just beginning.

jporterGOP said...

Yes, the next part of the journey just gets better!

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