Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jokers To The Right

As if one day of biking wasn't enough we decided to get up and do it again. This time Baby John and Gramps joined the girls.

john & chris, coleman, mi, 5.09

Ok, it is bad enough you are riding your bike in granny gear but what is up with those socks? Do you realize that with one glance at those socks people are thinking "granny gear rider"? Not to mention the tan lines that are going to result from wearing those socks.

chris, coleman, mi, 5.09

It turned out to be another beautiful day in the middle of the Mitten.

carla, coleman, mi, 5.09

Here is the gang gathered together for a group shot. I'm not sure what my not that much younger sister is up to. She is somewhat unstable and sometimes it is just better not to ask. Even Sarah looks somewhat perplexed by her aunt.

sarah, john, chris, carla, coleman, mi, 5.09

Here they are in action. This pretty much sums up our riding abilities. If you look really close you can see Sarah way out ahead, followed by the one in white socks, Baby John and my somewhat unstable but not that much younger sister.

sarah, chris, john, carla, coleman, mi, 5.09

Of course, this ride included some sightseeing.

This is where John spilled $50.00 worth of paint last summer. This is a scenic spot on the trail that should not be missed.

coleman, mi, 5.09

Barns are always high on my list of things to stop and admire. This was an especially nice one.

coleman, mi, 5.09

Time was an issue for the girls today since we had a baby shower to go to so we headed home early. I rode Sarah's age on this day, 26 miles. Brother not wanting to be outdone by my 53 miles the day before decided to continue on. Poor John decided to join him. When we got back from the shower brother was at the grocery store but the story was he had ridden 53 miles. 53? I had done 53.06. That made no sense. He's a Porter. He wouldn't let .06 miles separate him from outriding me. My world as I had known it made no sense. When he got back to the house my first question to him was his mileage for the day. His much too enthusiastic answer, "53.24!". Ahhh, he is a Porter. Brother, you may have outridden me but I can proudly say I didn't ride my 53.06 miles in white socks.

chris, coleman, mi, 5.09

The rumors are we may be doing a ride in the future called "100 Miles to Nowhere". Who's in? Who's out? It could be a lot of fun. Remember we are Porters.

12 comments....porters always have something to say!:

jporterGOP said...

I'm in!

BTW, we were on the way to those barns to paint them : )

I used to live in that house with my mother and sister, we lived there for about 2 years.

curlz said...

I'm in once I get a new ride!

Jock said...

I'm in.

I still don't see what is wrong with my white socks. It could be worse I could still wear the ones with the colorful stripes around the top.

jporterGOP said...

And to set the record straight, I did not spill the paint - my friend David did.

megawatt miler said...

of course i am in too.

going for a warmup ride today!

carriegel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carriegel said...

Dave's in!

curlz said...

Marv said he'll man the grill!

curlz said...

Katie's in! She wants to put the tagalong on Uncle Dave's bike!

curlz said...

Hey brother -- Can you say monochrome? White shoes, white socks and white legs! Give us a break here! And Marv wants to know how you got a nickname like Jock if you're wearing white socks!

carriegel said...

I noticed that too. I just choose not to say anything.

Jock said...

I'm not out there for a fashion statement I'm out there putting on miles and trying to be as comfortable as possible while doing it.

Besides that who am I trying to impress?

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