Monday, May 4, 2009

How Did You Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day?

I bet you didn't know that this past Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. In the scrapbooking world it is a big deal. Lots of things going on online. Giveaways and just general mayhem. I would like to say that the G household celebrated like there was no tomorrow but sadly I can't. This is how Dave spent the day.

dave, butler, pa, 5.09

I spent the day doing this.

carrie, butler, pa, 5.09

It is funny how my vision of what constitutes a lot of mulch has changed. When we lived in Monroe I bought my mulch by the bag. I bought quite a few bags of mulch every year but it was the most economical way to buy it considering how much I needed. The first summer we lived here we bought our mulch by the pickup. Dave would borrow a truck from one of our plants and would go to our nearby landscape business and have the bed filled to the top. We quickly realized that wasn't the most efficient way for us to obtain mulch considering how much we use every year. We now have our mulch delivered by the dump truck. We will have at least three truck loads delivered this summer.

butler, pa, summer 08

This past weekend I was working on the areas of my beds that have lilies of the valley in them. The taller they get the harder it gets to spead the mulch and I wanted to get those done first. Of course while I was breaking my back loading and unloading my wheel barrows of mulch, Jo spent her time wandering among the lilies. Jo! I am spending my time carefully spreading my mulch so I don't smash my lilies and she is walking willy nilly through the beds without a care in the world.

jo, butler, pa, 5.09

That required a talk on the division of labor in this household and maybe she might try earning her keep.

carrie & jo, butler, pa, 5.09

That's better. A little help goes a long way, Jo.

carrie, butler, pa, 5.09

All of that mulch I had delivered last week is almost gone. One of these days I am going to figure out how many wheel barrows of mulch is contained in each delivery. But then again maybe I don't want to know.

3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

jporterGOP said...

They got the mulching done here at school about two weeks ago. It definitely makes a difference in the looks.

curlz said...

Sounds like it's time to have another load delivered!

Jock said...

I took a walk through the Smithosian American History Museum, biggest scrapbook in the country.

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