Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mackinac: Part Two

I got a little distracted posting layouts but I am back to my vacation photos. Though it was rainy on the day we arrived the next day was beautiful. The sun was out in full force but the wind was really gusting so it was quite cool that day. As you can see D is ready to ride.


Our friends rented bikes for an hour so we took a nice ride around the island.


One good thing to come out of this is D now knows why I am always complaining about my bike not having enough gears. After our friends turned their bikes back in the boys still wanted to ride so I let D have mine and John borrowed D's bike. After riding the hills on the island he now understands my whining. In flat southeastern Michigan 18 gears are enough but in the hills of Western PA and northern Michigan there are just not enough gears to get up those hills without a lot of effort on my part. Maybe I can find a bike in this assortment.


Along the way we stopped and walked up many, many stairs and were rewarded with this view.


Walking down to the beach rewarded us a view of this:


The next morning the boys went around the island a couple more times and I took a walk and snapped a few random pictures.




Later that day we moved on to Crystal Mountain where we decided to do a little mountain biking. Pictures to come soon to a blog near you.

4 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Peej said...

Biking - such a forgotten and/or overlooked joy.

curlz said...

Agree w/peej. Love your view pictures!

Jock said...

The great thing about the Island is you don't have to worry about getting run over by cars.

I been meaning to ask what do you use to haul the bikes around with on the car? Pictures please.

carriegel said...

we have a bike rack that hangs with straps from the back of the car. next time we have it on the car i will take pictures and post.

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