Monday, October 20, 2008

Good News For The Lions

"Now that it takes 3 shares of Ford stock to buy a #3 at McDonalds, maybe the Ford family will become hard up and sell the Lions."

I wish I could take credit for that quote but I can't. I got it from a message board but it was too funny not to share.

I don't know how many of you read Michael Rosenberg's article today about the Lions but I wanted to share a few excerpts from his column.

“I have to ask, since I’m curious. ... Do you have to write new material on the Lions each season, or can you use previous columns from year to year like a teacher’s lesson plans? In other words, just change the dates, maybe two or three names, and rerun them?”

I knew the Lions were in trouble when the Texans won the coin toss and elected to score.

The Texans and Lions basically run the same offense, except the Texans added this play where they have one of their receivers go to a spot where the nearest Lion is 15 yards away. It’s real cutting-edge stuff, and the Lions never figured it out, even though the Texans kept doing it again and again.

The Lions mounted a brief comeback, sort of — they cut the margin to 21-10 in the third quarter. But in the end Marinelli must have been even more frustrated than he was after his road loss in Minnesota (San Francisco, Atlanta, Green Bay, San Diego, Minnesota, Arizona, Washington, Philadelphia, Green Bay, New England, Arizona, New York, Minnesota, St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Dallas, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Chicago).

You have to laugh or else you will cry. I am going out on a limb and predicting a loss next week and that is without even knowing who they are playing. How is that for confidence in the Lions?

3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

curlz said...

That's funny and I don't know much about football.

Peej said...

Haha, very nice.

Jock said...

That's funny yet sad all so very true.

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