Monday, June 7, 2010

Da UP, Continued

After admiring the thermometer we decided to head over to Eagle Harbor and visit the Jampot.


The Jampot is a small store on the shores of Lake Superior that sells jams and baked goods.

As the monks explain, "We are building a monastery in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. For this reason we came to Jacob's Falls on the shore of Lake Superior nearly twenty-five years ago, and this is why we are here today: to embrace the struggle of life in a hard place, to heed the counsels of the monastic fathers, to come to know God through personal and liturgical prayer, and to beg His mercy upon ourselves and upon the whole world."

I don't know about all of that but I do know that their baked goods are heavenly. Trust me I know. Oh how I know. The bread I bought to eat in the car was some of the best I have ever had. So was the chocolate truffle. Why did I buy just one? What was I thinking?


As our guide in building the life of this monastery we take the "little rule for beginners" written by St. Benedict of Nursia early in the sixth century. While written for monks of a specific time and place, the Holy Rule provides an authentic witness to the ancient monastic tradition. Its precepts flow from the Gospel and from the common experience of the first five centuries of Christian monastic life.

Meet Father Sergius and Father Basil.


Monasticism does not exist as an abstraction. Buildings, Rules of Life, and traditions remain dead unless they are given meaning through human actions. Monasticism must be lived, incarnated in the daily life of specific communities of real men or women. For it is the community, not the buildings or the concept, that constitutes the monastery.

Just look at those jams and jellies. And you shall only look. We bought my not that much younger brother some of his secret ingredient that he uses in his barbeque sauce. The lady renting cars at the Houghton Airport is now enjoying that secret ingredient. We tried, Brother.


The unlikely work of picking wild berries and making jam we undertook during our first summer proved the seed of larger things. Our jam shop and bakery, Jampot, has become one of the best known businesses in our area and now more than provides for our physical needs.

Thank you, Father Basil. We and our new friend at the car rental enjoyed our purchases.


Next we decided to drive up the shore of Lake Superior and enjoy the views.


Our drive included a stop at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.


We had one last stop on our Keweenaw adventure. Any guesses to the importance of this stop?


Before we flew home Wednesday we had another stop to make. We needed to do some clothes shopping for Sarah's rehearsal dinner in October. They were even having a sale. Score!


One last look at the lake and it was time to leave.


It was a trip of mixed feelings. We were thrilled to be back in the Copper Country. Sad for the reason why we were there.

Goodbye, Dick. You will be missed.

dave & dick, houghton, 7.06

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