Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Decisions. That would be the word for the day today. A decision for a brand new nine-year-old girl on what American Doll to choose for her birthday. A decision for her slightly older cousin on what dress to choose for her upcoming wedding. It was indeed going to be a day of decisions; both big in the eyes of the one making them.

Our day would begin here.

chicago, 10.09

Luckily for us one one of the big decisions had been made. Katie had decided not to get one of the Historical Dolls. She had decided that she wanted a Just Like You doll. In short she could choose hair, nose, eye color and various other features. It sounded easy but given all of the choices allowed the number of combinations at first seemed overwhelming.

chicago, 10.09

One of the things that I liked was that there was a trading card for every doll listing her features. Katie quickly had her choice down to five. Then the real fun began. Look at the card. Look at the doll. Does she have freckles? Do you like her nose or that one's nose? Is her hair blond or does it look red to you? One can't take these decisions lightly.

katie, chicago, 10.09

We all were looking at cards and then examining dolls. Decisions. Decisions.

carla, chicago, 10.09

Looking at dolls and cards wasn't working. It was time to get serious. It was time to lay the cards on the table and get down to business.

katie, chicago, 10.09

Five had now become two. Progress was being made.

katie, chicago, 10.09

It was time for some intervention.

carla & katie, chicago, 10.09

Even Sarah was pondering the choices. Just think yesterday you were studying for your PE test and today you are studying American Doll cards. Isn't life funny?

sarah, chicago, 10.09

She's made her decision!

carla, katie, sarah, chicago, 10.09

Number 37! She has red hair, green eyes, freckles and the nose her mom and I liked. She's a keeper.

chicago, 10.09

Now it was time to find her on the many shelves that were surrounding us. Easier said than done.

chicago, 10.09

It was time to make it official.

katie & carla, chicago, 10.09

They were meant to be.

katie, chicago, 10.09

A girl and her doll. I think this is a decision that she won't regret.

katie, chicago, 10.09

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curlz said...

You did get great pictures! I love them.

megawatt miler said...

i look bored...

curlz said...

You were bored!

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