Saturday, October 31, 2009

Exploring The City

After lunch we decided to take a walk down to Navy Pier. Well some of us did. One of the group decided that she had better go back to our room and study for her PE test. Responsible kid. Where did she come from? The four of us minus one made our way down to the lake. I should say we slowly made our way. Lunch was good but wow. It was sitting heavy in our stomachs. Dinner was looking less and less appealing.

On our way we spotted this sign.

chicago, il, 10.16.09

I couldn't agree more. It was cold that weekend. Winter scarves and coat cold.

Much to Katie's delight we were almost there. I think I heard the word "cab" more than once on our walk down to the Pier.

chicago, il, 10.16.09

Navy Pier is a fun place to visit. Fun if it's summer and a tad bit warmer. There wasn't much going on that cold October afternoon. To their credit the swings and ferris wheel were operating.

navy pier, il, 10.16.09

We did neither. Swinging on a full stomach didn't seem like a good idea and going up in the ferris wheel on a cold windy day wasn't any more appealing.

We did let Katie do this.

katie, chicago, il, 10.16.09

We like to live on the edge.

Fortunately there is an inside mall. We went inside and enjoyed some hot drinks and a couple of shows. We caught the end of a magic show and saw a musical involving pirates. That was a hit with the younger set.

Katie decided she wanted to go back so we slowly made our way back to the hotel.

Isn't the city pretty?

chicago, 10.16.09

Well, we did make one little detour. We spotted an interesting grocery store on our way back and decided we should check it out. When the entrance of the store looks like this

chicago, 10.16.09

you know you are in for a treat. And a treat it was. We found all kinds of interesting things. This, my friends, was no Wal Mart. If only I could live near a store like this.

Once we had Katie comfortably in bed with the remote and Sarah comfortably at her desk with her calculator my not that much younger sister and I decided to go out and do some more exploring.

Michigan Ave was one level up from the street our hotel was on so we decided to go up the stairway to see what all the full was about. I'm not kidding when I say it was like being in another world when we got to the top of those steps. The people! The cars! The shopping!

I love the old mixed with the new.

chicago, 10.16.09

Some day I am going to take a boat ride on this river.

chicago, 10.16.09

I don't think they are in Kansas any more.

chicago, il, 10.16.09

Did I mention the shopping? There was every store you could think of on that street. Here is one that would appeal to the punks of the family. Needless to say it was packed.

chicago, 10.16.09

Well, look what we found! The reason for our visit.

chicago, 10.16.09

I have to admit we did go in and look around. I'm glad we did because the store was overwhelming. There is a lot to look at. That short visit would come in handy when we took Katie the next day.

Since we were still recovering from lunch we decided to pick up some salads and sandwiches from a local grocery store and made our way back to our hotel.

Tomorrow was going to be a full day.

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