Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't Come Back, Giggles!

As most of you know my not that much younger sister and I took our youngest daughters to Chicago. One daughter was there to choose her first American Girl doll and one daughter was there to choose a wedding dress. Talk about contrasts.

We all met in St Joe on Thursday evening and enjoyed a night of Survivor before going to bed. We had a full day planned on Friday.

Friday dawned and found us here

st joseph, mi, 10.16.09

waiting for our ride. Needless to say one of our group was quite excited about her first train ride.

We arrived safely in Chicago, hailed a cab (another first for one of our group) and made our way to our hotel. Thanks to Dave and his points we had snagged a hotel two blocks off of Michigan Avenue. Thanks, Dave!

We settled in and decided to find some lunch. The hotel had given us a list of restaurants that were within walking distance. I scanned the list and I found the perfect place to take an almost nine-year-old. It was a place we had taken Sarah to many years ago. She had found the diner highly entertaining and I thought Katie would enjoy eating here also.

chicago, il, 10.16.09

Orchestrated '50s mayhem recalls the diner in the old television series "Happy Days." Ed's is jam-packed with action: period decor and memorabilia, deejays spinning gems from the '50s-'70s ("Tutti Frutti," "The Twist") and gum-cracking waitstaff, who shtick it up by dishing out rude comments to all -- don't worry; the sass is all in good fun and part of the joint's appeal .

It is all in good fun. They insulted us when we walked in the door and insulted us as we walked out. As soon as we walked in and had been seated the wait staff got up on the counters and danced and sang much to Katie's delight.

ed debevics, chicago, 10.16.09

I don't think she had ever seen anything like this before.

katie, chicago, 10.16.09

We had a very funny waitress who gave Katie the nickname of "Giggles". I don't know where she got that name from. Maybe because Katie giggled when she threw the straws at her or maybe because Katie giggled at her silly glasses. Katie found our waitress quite amusing and did a lot of giggling.

ed debevics, 10.16.09

Look at my not that much younger sister's response to the mayhem going on around us.

carla, chicago, 10.16.09

I guess this view can do that to a person.

ed debevics, 10.16.09

It was a fun way to start our weekend. I think both the youngsters and somewhat older enjoyed our visit to Ed Debevic's.

If you ever find yourself in Chicago you should definitely ....

katie, chicago, 10.16.09

Even if the last words you hear walking out the door are, "Don't come back, Giggles!"

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Jock said...

I wonder how many people have walked out of there insulted and never ordered their food.

curlz said...

Not actually eating the food is a good idea. Wow. That stuffs got to be all sorts of bad for you. It took me a day to get over that meal. wow.

sarah said...

A question -- I write for an online magazine for girls and we're doing features on cities and I'm doing Pittsburgh. I found a photo from your blog -- http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk148/carriegel/blog%20photos%202008/may%202008/IMG_1824copy.jpg -- of a Primanti's sandwich and I wanted to know if I could use it on the article. I'd give credit and link back to your blog of course.

I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

carriegel said...

Yes, you may use the photo. Let me know when the article is published so I can see it too! Thanks

sarah said...

The article will be up tomorrow. Here's the address: http://everygirlblog.com

Thanks again!

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