Friday, November 20, 2009

We Have A Winner!

We have a winner! I bet you're saying to yourself, "Who won what?" Why the golf ball contest. If you remember last spring I posted a golf ball contest open to all of my blog readers. The person who came closest to guessing the number of balls I picked up this summer would win the cookies of their choice to be delivered by the US Post Office.

Here's a sneak peek of what I have picked this summer.


Lucky for you I wrote down everyone's guesses. In case you don't remember your guess here it is:

Carla 131

Sarah 181

Chris 192, 630 I thought his guess of 630 was so far off the mark I gave him another chance.

Rachel 460

Traci 174

Cory 302

John 72, 219 I have no idea why he has two entries

Scott 205

Marv 225

Here's another look.


That sure looks like a lot of balls to me.


To be fair I thought I would let Jo count the balls.

She had other ideas. I don't think she has counting on her mind.


Jo, come back! My blog readers need you!


Here she comes. I knew I could count on her. Count on her. Haha.


Jo has finally decided to get down to business.


The last ball.


Well, Jo, what's the final count? Who won the cookies?

Jo says....

the final count is.....


448! That makes Rachel the winner! Congratulations, Rachel. That was a lot closer than I thought anyone would be. Let me know what your favorite cookie is and I will get those out to you. Well, not right out. I will be in Cincinnati, Michigan and Germany in the next two weeks. But when I get back those cookies will be baked and in the mail making their way to you.

Jo is exhausted from all of the counting but should recover by next summer to do it all again.


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