Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sam I Am

Now that the doll had been chosen it was time for lunch. Can you believe that not only was this a store to buy everything related to American Girl but it also contained a restaurant? We had reservations for eleven and we were right on time.

Isn't the dining room pretty? Just like you would imagine it would be.

american girl, chicago, 10.09

I love Gerbera Daisies.

american girl, chicago, 10.09

Here's one way to get us all in the same photo.

katie, carla, carrie, sarah, chicago, 10.09

American Girl has thought of everything.

Katie's doll even had her own chair

sam, chicago, 10.09

and her own cup.


Our waiter came to our table and introduced himself and took our orders. Our waiter who when he found out that Sarah was a ND graduate had the nerve to mention the words "ND and arrogant" in the same sentence. A waiter who we were to find out was a Michigan graduate (Masters, mind you) and was serving us while wearing a pink apron. Sarah was gracious and didn't point out who was on which side of the table.

First things first. A toast to the birthday girl and her new doll.

american girl, chicago, 10.09

They didn't forget about us "real" people either. Isn't the hors d' oeuvres plate pretty?

american girl, chicago, 10.09

After the toast and nibbling it was time to get down to business. What was this doll's name going to be? I quickly suggested Jo. Katie said Carson. Jo or Carson? The fairest thing was to put it to a vote. Jo - 3, Carson - 1. This didn't look good for Katie. Then she had an idea. There was still one vote that hadn't been counted.

Those in favor of the name Carson raise your hand.

sam, chicago, 10.09

katie, chicago, 10.09

Uh, Katie, you are still one vote short.

The Michigan grad in the pink apron appeared at our table. Problem solved. Mr. Waiter, Jo or Carson? Jo. The waiter in the pink apron voted for Jo. It was now 4 to 1 for Jo.

Now what?

Sam. What about Sam? All in favor of Sam raise your hand. Five hands up. Sam it is.

Now that that she had a name it was time to really get down to business. Lunch!

katie, chicago, 10.09

They served our desserts in blue flower pots. Too cute.

sam & katie,chicago, 10.09

I think she likes her.

sam & katie, chicago, 10.09

I don't know who is cuter.

katie, chicago, 10.09

Do you see the resemblance? It is hard to believe Sam is adopted. They look like true sisters.

sam & katie, chicago, 10.09

We finished our lunch and did some shopping for Sam. Then it was time to make our way to Macys. Katie wasn't the only one who had some shopping to do this day.

to be continued.....

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