Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Idol

Well another week of American Idol has come and gone. It was an interesting week and Adam didn't disappoint. But before I get to my favorite performances watch MTV's American Idol 60 Second Recap.

First let me say that Megan needed to go. When she cawed and flew across the stage when she was named as one of the bottom three I knew her days were numbered. What was that all about?

I have two favorite performances tonight. First up is Kris Allen. This is the first time that I noticed and actually enjoyed his performance. He took an old song and made it sound current. He seems to be getting better week by week and he may be one to watch.

Again Adam made my top two. I think you can tell by now who I am rooting for. Love him or hate him he always brings something new to his performances. He is the one who I can't wait to see every Tuesday just because I never know what to expect. This week was no exception. When Ryan announced Adam would be singing "Play That Funky Music" my heart sank. I detest that song. I still detest the song but I loved his performance.

Next week I will be in Florida but never fear my not that much younger sister and I will be glued to the television Tuesday night. She watching Biggest Loser and me watching American Idol. I just hope we have two tvs. Could get ugly if there isn't.

G out.

4 comments....porters always have something to say!:

jporterGOP said...

I like the "G Out" touch at the end.

carriegel said...

haha, ryan seacrest does that at the end of american idol.

curlz said...

Yes, Kris' performance. Very good. I must've missed that in my channel flipping.

Yes, there are two TV's but I may be able to give up a week of BL or maybe just be content with CZ's running commentary.

curlz said...

BTW -- you stole my song. I was going to leave "Leavin' On A Jet Plane" on my blog tomorrow. My hesitation -- John Denver. ugg!

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