Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Is Here

Spring is here and so am I. You didn't know it but last week D, Jo and I took a little trip to Cincinnati. He to do business and me to visit with family. It was a quick visit but well worth it. Of course, Jo doesn't care where she is going as long as she gets to ride in the car.

Here are some signs around these parts that spring may finally be here.

Our bikes are on the car.


My wellies are back in the garden.


I found my first golf ball of the season in the backyard.


Jo refusing to come in the house because she wants to stay outside.


Best of all, Shmily's is open for the season.


3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

jporterGOP said...

Very cool! It was 60 degrees here at CMU. I was pleasantly surprised!

curlz said...

I'll have to copycat this post. I've seen signs of spring here too!

megawatt miler said...

if i ever got home before 8 maybe i would enjoy nice weather too

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