Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free At Last

Yes, I am free at last. Free from two computers. Free from a frequently frozen computer. Free from closing windows on the wrong side. Free from trying to move windows around on the screen and realizing that I can't do that on the old computer. I have finally moved all of my files from my PC to my Mac. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I was about two years behind in burning my pictures to cds so that slowed me down. I went through everything and deleted a lot of duplicates. Here is what my desk looked like before the switch.


Notice my ledges above my desk. I love those ledges. I am still working on that storyboard, sister. I haven't forgotten but files needed to be copied and moved.

Here is something else I love.


Do you know what I am referring to? It's the screensaver that I found on the internet and installed. The website where I found this had all kinds of clocks but this was my favorite. I like it so much that I have it timed to come on after 5 minutes of inactivity. Call me crazy.

This is what my desk looks like now.


Look at all of that space. Don't look at the two paint colors on the wall behind it. That is my winter project. I promise, Dave. You can also see the most useful gift I received for Christmas. It is the book sitting under my computer, "Switching to the Mac". Thanks, Sarah. Yes, that is the computer. The entire computer is in the monitor. I like Apple. They think different.

Since I had my camera out I decided to take a few pictures of Jo. What's a few more when there are already 17,000 photos in my iphoto. Well, 17,468 to be exact. I like to be exact. I am a Porter after all.


She doesn't look happy does she? She wasn't. In fact, she looked to her right


and to her left for a route of escape.


Her face says it all. Sorry, Jo. Sarah isn't here so all I have is you.


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megawatt miler said...

Don't worry Jo-I'm coming to save you today!

curlz said...


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