Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Designed To Sell, Part Two

The boys were gone and now it was time to finish up the painting, cleaning, packing and staging. The snow kept falling and Sarah and I kept working. And Jo, well Jo, was just Jo.

Here is the basement before its transformation. I think she had kept every box that had ever come into her house. As my not that much younger sister is fond of saying, "Wow".


We decided to leave the color on the basement walls mainly because of time constraints. We did have Dave and Cory replace all of the outlets and covers since the previous painter had decided to paint over them rather than doing the job right. It was amazing what a difference this little change made to the overall look of the room.

The boxes were gone and we staged it as a workout room. By the time we were done Sarah was wondering why she hadn't done this makeover earlier. Me too. It looks great.


Here is a peek at her laundry room after its fresh coat of paint.


The kitchen before.


In fairness to Sarah it usually didn't look this bad. Things were all over because of the packing and moving that was going on that day.

Luckily we had done some work in the kitchen a couple of years ago. The cabinets which had been light blue were now white and also sported some new knobs. All we had to do was clean and stage.



Here is a peek at her newly staged living room.


Sarah and I had painted her bedroom yellow a couple of years ago so there really wasn't much to do in here. Just pretty it up.



I love this lamp. Target, of course.


We repainted her second bedroom. Sarah didn't want to see the orange wall painted over but it had to go. Sorry, Sarah. We can paint another orange wall in your next house. We did keep the pillows. I love those pillows. Target, of course.



A little peek of her bathroom.


Of all of the staging ideas we had I think this was the best one we had. Just lovely.


It was a lot of work crammed into one week but the final result was well worth it. It looks so nice. I hope there is a buyer out there that agrees with me.

Thanks, Sarah, for letting me move your things all over the place. It was fun and I hope you enjoyed the end result.

6 comments....porters always have something to say!:

John said...

packing and unpacking are probably literally my two least favorite things. the place looks really nice though!

curlz said...

Great job. It looks really nice. Sounds like it was fun too!

Traci said...

I hate packing and unpacking too. I want her coffee pot!

carriegel said...

That was last year's Christmas gift. She loves it.

Anonymous said...

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a little bit biased said...

Beautiful transformations! The kitchen is lovely!

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